Saturday, April 28, 2012

been awhile....

It's been I went out last weekend when it was 95 here in the Cental Valley.
Kaylor her BFF Katie, Katie's mom and I went to shoot some senior pics of our girls.
Pleasantly surprised even tho we went at the worst time of day NOON!!
With some lightroom adjusting and photoshop actions...I love my results!!
Going today to take more pics of Mr. Will with his lady, and her son out at Woodward Park...results to follow...
Have a Blessed Day!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dinner at Sakanaya

Went to dinner at Sakanaya, first time there....really good. We went by to visit mom and she wanted to go to we decided to make this a belated birthday celebration for Kaylor's 16th. What a great idea!! Mom and the kids had Teriyaki Chicken and I had the New York Steak, we ended the dinner with a Japanese birthday song and a scoop of ice cream. Thanks for dinner mom!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kaylor gets her license

Well the day has come and Kaylor got her drivers license. She only missed 3 on the test and was cool as a cucumber. She had an appointment in Clovis, 6.8.10.
Thumbs up confirms a passed driving test!
Signature for the license.....

picture to seal the deal.......actually when she tested for her permit, she took the picture for the license...I just made her stand there.

Now this young man has a different story.......

At the end of the drive test you park the car, he was driving the van.....he didn't pull in so good.......
A picture tells a story........

He got a thumbs down.........

Greg handed him a business card for driving instruction....better luck next time!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering Memorial Day

Remembering Memorial Day....Remembering to say Thank You......Remembering those we lost and those still with us......Remembering Dad........

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Happy Birthday to Kaylor!!
Her daddy got her a car for her 16th birthday. Her birthday isn't until the 26th of May, but didn't want to lose this opportunity of getting this 2005 KIA Sportage. Perfect car for our little girl!!
WOW!! 16!!

Drive safely sissy!!

Henry S. Quan Martial Arts Championships

May 1,2010 the 3rd annual Karate tournament hosted by our dojo was held at Clovis West High School. Jacob competed for the first time in the black belt division.
This years logo.
Quan's Black Belts and Senseis (teacher)

Opening Ceremony Begins.

Kaylor and Katie Falkenberry back in staging. Great job girls keeping it all organized.

Jason Plemens giving his son, Dylan last minute encourament.

Dylan wins Bronze in Kata...Good job Dylan!!

Lindsay Sano one of the youngest black belt to compete and Jake was quite relieved that she is younger than him in her own age group.

As you can see.........No one is too tall, she can still kick ya face!! Great to watch!!
She took home the Jr. Grand Champion Award also.

Jake competing black belt age 11-13 yr olds, Kata.
That look!!!!!!

Jake wins gold in Kata. Good Job Jake!!

Jake's next division weapons ages 11-17 yr olds black belts.

This weapon is Kamas.

Jake wins bronze in weapons, Craig Sano wins gold, Tyler Sano wins silver. Good job guys!!

Jakes' medals........Great job to all the competitors!
To see all the pictures click here.